What are the disadvantages of gaming?

What are the disadvantages of gaming?

There are various kinds of games which are designed for various reasons. Some are great for our personal development while some can be really harmful for our mental health. Gaming can be addictive at times! Earlier the ones who loved gaming, used to play video games on their computers. But now with the advancing technology, the gamers have got special equipments which only support video games and it has totally replaced formats such as the board games or pen and paper games which we used to play in our schools.

There is an advantage associated with gaming and that is the increasing sharpness of your brain and that’s it. You can’t find any other benefits which are linked to gaming. Continuous gaming can have detrimental effects on your health. First of all, when a person is gaming, he or she is sitting in one damn position, pressing the same button on the controller which can apparently lead to strains in hand as well as eyes.

When you spend more than an hour on playing video games, it can leave you physically tired. Also, you would find it to be extremely fun and you wouldn’t prefer doing any other work. This can have effects on your studies in case you are a student. Working professionals can also find gaming as a relaxing activity which will give them some free time from their 9 to 5 job. In that case too, if your working husband or partner comes back home from work and instead of talking to you and spending some time with you starts gaming till late night, then you seriously need to take some action against it. It can have serious tolls on your relationship.

Aggressive behaviour has been found in every gaming addict. The violent content of certain games leads to such unacceptable behaviour. These games influence players towards aggressive action and attitudes in their personal life too. With too much of violent gaming, your gamer friend or partner can even become desensitized to violence which is the result of what they see in their games.

There are various video games available in the market in which there is extreme violence, obscenity, racism and many other negative factors which can make the gamer aware of the incorrect values. This can make it difficult for the person who is gaming to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong.

If played normally, knowing its limits, gaming can be a great stress buster. Self-control is really important while you are in to gaming.

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