All you need to know about Sony PlayStation!

All you need to know about Sony PlayStation!

Sony’s Ps4 Pro is in the news for all good reasons. The feedback regarding its new console is very positive and it is the best upgrade that you could have asked for over the standard Ps4. But the it purely depends on the games that you will play and how comfortable you get with the recent upgrade from the 1080p television to a 4k or 4k+HDR screen.

These are some powerful machines whose price and value matter a lot before you buy them. Sony currently has two separate versions of Ps4 which is even capable of HDR playback and also which is 4k capable and the most expensive of all. When you check out the processing power, Ps4 Pro has definitely got more advantage than the standard Ps4. The computing speed is high which leads to faster and smooth graphical performance.

The prices of both the game legends seem to change every week and the price drops and various deals keep on coming. It is hard to keep up the prices and latest pricing also keeps on changing. The Ps4 Pro is a very significant improvement over the PlayStation 4 with expanded GPU, increased CPU and also memory lock rates.

When you check out the storage as well as memory power, you will realize how powerful Ps4 Pro has become. It allows the players more time in game than in loading screens. It will allow for storage expansion either through SSD add on or USB hard drives.

The best part is of you own a 4k TV that runs with HDR support then playing Ps4 Pro will give you more joy than playing the original Ps4. The performance is super impressive and the newer Ps4 Pro provides a significant leap forward for the older titles. You will enjoy higher frame rates, good HDR support and definitely higher resolutions.

Now talking about the disadvantages of this superior gaming console.

The most disappointing part about Sony Ps4 Pro is that it fails in communications. There is lack of consistency as well as clarity when you are playing the game. There are some games which will let you change the video settings while some wont. And also, some will offer higher frame rates while some wont.

While Sony Ps4 Pro boasts of introducing various improvements in the gaming consoles but you still need to launch every title and check the video options to find the relevant information.

The degree of improvement is title specific and not easily predicted so it is comparatively difficult to check out what the current Ps4 owner with 1080p HDTV will receive from the Ps4 Pro.

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