What is Dire Legion?

Dire Legion is a World of Warcraft guild on the US-Terenas server. Proudly Horde, we're a group of "mature players" who look to have fun together while exploring and fighting our way across Azeroth.

Update - 23 Jan 2015

First WoD raid as a (mostly) guild group, 5/7!


What Our Members are Doing

Shadowblade Rathskeller (Dire Legion) New pet(s):Crackers
rathskeller: Average Item Level: 866. Average Item Level Equipped: 866. Gear change: waist: Fel-Treated Belt of the Harmonious, mainHand: The Kingslayers, offHand: The Kingslayers. Rep change(s): Armies of Legionfall:1160. Gained some pet(s): Crackers.
21.02.18 22:34
Dire Legion - Rathskeller got some loot - Fel-Treated Belt
Rathskeller got Fel-Treated Belt Fel-Treated Belt
21.02.18 21:19
Brewmaster Sagebelly (Dire Legion)
sagebelly: Rep change(s): Dreamweavers:19587.
21.02.18 20:55
Brewmaster Sagebelly - got some loot - Fallen Adventurer's Journal!
sagebelly now has Fallen Adventurer's Journal! Fallen Adventurer
21.02.18 20:49