What is Dire Legion?

Dire Legion is a World of Warcraft guild on the US-Terenas server. Proudly Horde, we're a group of "mature players" who look to have fun together while exploring and fighting our way across Azeroth.

Update - 23 Jan 2015

First WoD raid as a (mostly) guild group, 5/7!


What Our Members are Doing

Buzmaan Jenkins (Dire Legion)
buzmaan: Average Item Level: 809. Gear change: feet: Leadfoot Earthshakers. Rep change(s): Arcane Thirst (Valtrois):105, Arcane Thirst (Oculeth):113, Arcane Thirst (Thalyssra):105.
25.09.16 11:47
Stone Guard Musta (Dire Legion)
musta: Yay, more achievement points - now at 6155.
25.09.16 11:34
Stone Guard Musta gained the achievement 'Patrol Mission Specialist'
musta - Patrol Mission Specialist: Complete a garrison patrol mission. (5 pts)
25.09.16 11:24
Battlemaster Illillilli (Dire Legion) New pet(s):Court Scribe
illillilli: Average Item Level: 846. Average Item Level Equipped: 846. Gear change: feet: Boots of the Shattered Abyss, finger1: Nightborne Signet Ring. Rep change(s): Arcane Thirst (Valtrois):145, Court of Farondis:10, The Wardens:2500, Arcane Thirst (Oculeth):145, Arcane Thirst (Thalyssra):145. Gained some pe...
25.09.16 11:14
Battlemaster Illillilli - got some loot - Belt of the Shattered Abyss!
illillilli now has Belt of the Shattered Abyss! Belt of the Shattered Abyss
25.09.16 11:14