What is Dire Legion?

Dire Legion is a World of Warcraft guild on the US-Terenas server. Proudly Horde, we're a group of "mature players" who look to have fun together while exploring and fighting our way across Azeroth.

Update - 23 Jan 2015

First WoD raid as a (mostly) guild group, 5/7!


What Our Members are Doing

Huntmaster Em - got some loot - Tideskorn Coif!
em now has Tideskorn Coif! Tideskorn Coif
19.01.17 17:31
Dire Legion - Em got some loot - Tideskorn Coif
Em got Tideskorn Coif Tideskorn Coif
19.01.17 16:31
Boomhealz, Hellscream's Downfall (Dire Legion)
boomhealz: Yay, more achievement points - now at 15280. Average Item Level: 868. Average Item Level Equipped: 868. Gear change: head: Biornskin Hood, neck: Wolfstride Pendant, waist: Girdle of Lidless Sight. Rep change(s): Highmountain Tribe:2437, The Wardens:2350, Court of Farondis:2480. Profession(s): Herbal...
19.01.17 13:51
Boomhealz, Hellscream's Downfall - 'Fel Lord Betrug kills (Mythic Assault on Violet Hold)'
boomhealz 'Fel Lord Betrug kills (Mythic Assault on Violet Hold)' (x2)
19.01.17 13:44