What is Dire Legion?

Dire Legion is a World of Warcraft guild on the US-Terenas server. Proudly Horde, we're a group of "mature players" who look to have fun together while exploring and fighting our way across Azeroth.

Update - 23 Jan 2015

First WoD raid as a (mostly) guild group, 5/7!


What Our Members are Doing

Gorthag the Gullible (Dire Legion)
gorthag: Rep change(s): Court of Farondis:10272, Dreamweavers:5584, Highmountain Tribe:10415.
23.10.16 06:31
Scout Lasvious - level 105!
lasvious: Now at level 105! Yay, more achievement points - now at 6590.
22.10.16 22:55
Stone Guard Musta (Dire Legion)
musta: Yay, more achievement points - now at 6590. Average Item Level: 703. Average Item Level Equipped: 703. Gear change: wrist: Bitestone Wristwrap, hands: Blackfeather Grips. Rep change(s): Highmountain Tribe:250. Profession(s): Herbalism is now rank 647.
22.10.16 22:53
Battlemaster Icemoon (Dire Legion)
icemoon: Average Item Level: 771. Average Item Level Equipped: 771. Gear change: neck: Dreamflow Collar, finger1: Explorer's Delving Loop, trinket1: Cleansed Poison Idol, trinket2: Stonedark Insignia. Rep change(s): Highmountain Tribe:4790.
22.10.16 22:49
Slayer Démona (Dire Legion)
démona: Rep change(s): The Wardens:1337, Highmountain Tribe:5920. Profession(s): Herbalism is now rank 60.
22.10.16 22:45